Choosing the Right Protein Powder Supplement

protein supplement

The nutritional supplement industry is huge. Just go to a store specializing in the sale of these and look at the shelves packed with products that promise to give you the perfect body and improve your health.

A good example of these supplements is protein powder. There are several options to choose from at different prices, flavors, and qualities. Choosing the right type can be somewhat challenging. Here are some infallible tips for you to learn how to choose the best protein powder ideal for you.

Front Label

fitness supplementThe first thing you have to see on the product is the front label and see what this product offers you. In general, the front label already says if it is composed of whey isolate or concentrate, the amount of protein per serving, and the amount of carbohydrates. However, don’t go with the pretense of what the front label says because they don’t always tell the truth. Always confirm this by reading the nutritional label, but mostly the ingredient label.

Nutrition Label

Later you must go to the nutritional label and observe the portion, also known as a serving. Generally, the size of the scoop is 30-35g. Per scoop, it should provide an approximate of between 100 to 120 kcal. You must check the amount of protein that a serving gives you. For most quality protein powders, one scoop contains between 23 to 25 g of protein.

It is also essential to check the number of carbohydrates since they must be controlled if you are in a weight loss treatment. For this reason, the protein supplement should not contain more than 5g of carbohydrates per serving.

Ingredient Label

protein powder supplementFirst of all, the ingredient label should not be a scroll of ingredients. You should go through each ingredient in the protein powder supplement you wish to purchase and ensure it contains everything suitable for your body.

Protein powder is a dietary supplement whose sole purpose is to substitute a beef fillet or chicken breast of approximately 100g. It is not a drug or a miracle product that by itself will make you muscular overnight or miraculously lose weight. On the contrary, the consumption of this supplement should go hand in hand with a correct, balanced, and personalized diet for your needs. Tastes and objectives should also be considered. Choose the best protein powder supplement for quality results.

Author: Reece Strong